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Transmission repair services in Concord, CA

Transmission Repair Concord, CA | Contra Costa Auto Service

Contra Costa Auto Service in Concord, CA

We perform the required services to keep you on the road whether you have a manual transmission that needs a new clutch or an automatic transmission that does not shift correctly we can help.

On AWD or 4WD models, these also include the transfer case. These components require maintenance, and fluid flushes are the most common. Some manufacturers recommend flushes as often as 30K miles.

Most manufacturers use different fluids for their transfer cases, differentials or transmissions. In order to flush your vehicle’s transmission, transfer case or differential, we carry the most common fluids necessary to perform any service for all manufacturers.

Do not forget to ask what fluid is being put into your driveline since they are all different. We see several cars and trucks a year that have had the wrong fluid added and will not shift correctly. Several transmissions were saved by just adding the proper fluid, but some were not so lucky. The unlucky vehicles will need new transmissions at considerable cost.These errors are usually the result of untrained or uncaring staff members. We, however, take the extra time to identify the correct fluid and procedure to replace it.

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